Qualification of High-pErformance pRogrammable Microprocessor and dEvelopment of Software ecosystem

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NG-ULTRA Generic Level 1 Boot Loader Development Status

NG-ULTRA Generic Level 1 Boot Loader Development Status

As detailed in Microcontroller Tips, when you turn on your personal computer, what you see is some lines of text scrolling on the screen before the actual operating system logo shows up. This is the boot loading sequence where the hardware incrementally fetches the minimum software stack to prepare the processing system to execute higher level

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Reduce European dependence on critical technologies and capabilities for future space applications
Enhance technical capabilities and overall competitiveness of European space industry
Develop ITAR free high-performance technologies
Commercial evaluation of space-qualified rad-hard FPGA technology
Offer versatile technology with social and environmental impacts
Facilitate SMEs access to advance space applications

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