Qualification of High-pErformance pRogrammable Microprocessor and dEvelopment of Software ecosystem

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HERMES Project gets presented at HIPEAC 2022

HERMES Project gets presented at HIPEAC 2022

The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for general-purpose, embedded and cyber-physical systems. Areas of focus and integration include safety-critical dependencies, cybersecurity, energy efficiency and machine learning.

Budapest hosted the HiPEAC 2022 conference last week in which more than 370 professionals from various IT fields attended the

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Reduce European dependence on critical technologies and capabilities for future space applications
Enhance technical capabilities and overall competitiveness of European space industry
Develop ITAR free high-performance technologies
Commercial evaluation of space-qualified rad-hard FPGA technology
Offer versatile technology with social and environmental impacts
Facilitate SMEs access to advance space applications

Expected impacts